SUMMARY(то же самое резюме, но по-английски)

Linoli O. — Hystological, immunological and biochemical researches on Flesch and Blood of the eucharistic miracle of Lanciano (VII century).

Here are described the macroscopic aspects of the Flesch and the Blood of the eucharistic miracle which happened in Lanciano back in the seventh century.

Istological research has been carried out from which it as been as­certained that the Flesch is formed by a mesodermal tissue recognizable as myocardium.

The various kind of research performed on the Blood especially thin-layer chromatography, pointed aut that the substance was real blood.

The human nature of the ancient Blood and Flesch of Lanciano has been proved immunologically through the reaction of zonal precipitation by Uhlenhuth.

The blood group researche on the fluids of eluition of the ancient Flesch and Blood has turned out to be the same in the two tissues (group AB).

The electrophoretic picture of the serum proteins of the ancient Blood has presented aspects coincidental with ones provided by fresh serum.

Remarkable reductions can be appreciated in the ancient Blood as far as sodium, potassium, chlorides, inorganic total phosphorus and ma­gnesium are concerned, whreas calcium has increased.